My summer to do list :-)


Don’t worry I’m doing lots of relaxing and fun things this summer. I’m also spending a day a week getting ready for September. It’s nice not working in the evenings 🙂

So what do I need to do before September?

1) Bulk out the KS3 scheme I’ve written. Year 7 Energy, Fuels and Food. The basics are in place. I just need to add in some more ideas. I would like to re write the learning objectives using a SOLO taxonomy approach.

2) Finalise the physics school direct student timetable. Exciting! Getting the balance of regular timetabled observations of teachers vs student planning time in school is what I’m currently working on. I’m new to student mentoring so may be over thinking it.

3) Make my classroom look like an amazing place to learn about physics! I want some good, informative displays that I can update regularly so there’s always something new for students to look at. I have one display board at the front of the classroom that will have:

  • a weekly extra curricular physics recommendation – a podcast, video, tv programme, game or something I think is worth looking at.
  • A question I want students to comment on.
  • Some recent physics in the news stories.
  • student excellence celebrated.

I’ve already started work on getting the information for my physics careers display. Finally, I want some funny physics posters around the room. Probably involving lots of cats. I’m going into school for both results days so will use this time to work some decorating magic.

kitten mu joke

This one is still my favourite though:


4) Read some books on teaching and/or physics. Failing spectacularly on this one already. Not even getting around to reading fiction. If I’m not careful my Miss Audsley is reading… sign will still say The Bell Jar in September!

5) Think about what cake I’m going to take in for the first cake Wednesday for the science staffroom. Ok, this one isn’t taking up much of my time. (pssst… I think it’s going to be pavlova. I’ve just not figured out how to physics theme it yet.)

That actually sounds managable!

Now I just need to sort out my wifi so it reaches the garden…

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3 Responses to My summer to do list :-)

  1. Helen Rogerson says:

    How have you done?


    • audsley says:

      I’ve learnt I’m not very good at putting backing paper on boards. And the school printers aren’t working so not much progress on filling them up. But all ready to go first day back when hopefully the printers will work again!

      The rest I have made progress on. Have two days without my offspring this week to finish it all off.

      Writing this list has definitely helped!


  2. David Cotton says:

    Excellent blog once again. I am afraid further comment is curtailed as I dash off to tackle my to do list. It has a few extra tasks now I have read this. Thanks for sharing, I am also determined to add to my extra-classroom physics experiences. Lots of problem solving!


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