Nice to meet you. Physics 1st lessons.

Oh gosh! Nearly missed out on doing a weekly post already! Must be back in the full swing of a teaching term. Busy at every moment!

Its been a nice first week meeting new classes.

I have a year 10 physics gcse group of 30. A large group, so I set the Identity homework for them so I can get to know them quickly.

I set the same homework for my year 13 class of 6. Disappointing year 12 results mean a few are quite demoralised and may hold slightly negative views of their physics A level. I need to change this as soon as possible! So getting to know them has been a priority in the first week. While I have taught them all previously, it hasn’t been since year 9 or 10.

My year 11s are a smaller class (18). They seem hard working and knowledgable, but they *loved* their year 10 teacher. We are doing two revision lessons and then a test! Not the most ideal start, but ok.

I have some year 7s and year 8s who currently seem delightful! 🙂

Finally, a very boy heavy year 12 group. (Aren’t they usually?!). But 1 girl and 10 or 11 boys. I tried an icebreaker activity where they had post its with the names of units on (J, m, kg etc). They had to talk to each other and ask questions to find out what unit they were (without asking directly).


After they all figured out what they were, we had a discussion about fundamental units, identified them and I could find out what their current knowledge was around this topic.

Can’t wait to see the home works I get handed in!







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