Identity homework results :-)

Totally stole the Identity homework idea from Rachel Jones (@rlj1981). Here’s the original blog post I saw last year and filed away  for the next start of the school year. Her blog is a great source of ideas and inspiration. I highly recommend it. 🙂

I gave this homework to just two of my classes. My year 10 physics group and my yr13s. The results have been great!

Heres a small selection from my year 10s.


And this marvellous effort!


They are a group of 30 and this has really helped me get to know them.  The instructions I gave them were simply to produce a piece of work that would tell me more about them than I can get from the data I have on the school system. I made sure they knew that not completing it, or handing in a poor effort would tell me a lot about them too. I think it’s especially good for getting to know the quieter members of the group. I hope they enjoyed this as the first homework of the year.

The 13s have been a little slower at completing the work. I think giving them complete creative freedom has flummoxed them a bit. I’ve had a great poster though and this collection of important items:


Great work!

I think it has created a really positive start with those classes and it’s something I will do in future years too 🙂

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