An ode to ticker timers

I begin with hope, for practical achievement

They’re brilliant they all said, and then you fail

with your hidden parts and your ‘new’ label, I vent.

‘They never work!’ The whole experiment I think to bail

but teacher pride leads me on.

Send for the old ones, shattered, I cry

they arrive. Exposed coils, magnets bare, and then

cacophonous chaos. Tape flying and time gone.

Weary students with results to dissect. I was right to try.

and I love you again.







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2 Responses to An ode to ticker timers

  1. lucyannluna says:

    We got round the old ticker tape problem by setting up 2 machines in advance. They work in groups of 4 one pair returns to their place the other pair show the next pair. Seems to work. The rest write up or do questions , the best bit is you only have a slight headache & you still have your sanity. Probably not the best lesson in the world but it works!


  2. audsley says:

    I do have a love hate relationship with our ticker timers! I might set something up like your idea next time. I only have 11 students and (I hope) we did end up having a fun, productive lesson.


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