Time and tasks inequality

This week clever humans landed a robot on a comet. We landed a robot on a comet! The tweets by the account @philae2014  have been brilliant and the last few, heartbreaking. What an amazing week for science.

So why didn’t I make more of this phenomenal event in my classes this week? I should have done. I regret not focusing on it more. The reason is that this is the time of year when the amount of stuff I need to do is greater than the amount of time to do it in.

Books need marking, assessments need marking, feedback must be given, those lessons still need planning, data needs to be collected for all classes, underachievers identified and intervened with, all the usual stuff. It’s not that it’s too much to cope with, it’s just VERY BUSY. So I didn’t manage to mention the comet landing much. How daft of me! It is relevant, interesting and a great advert for getting teenagers switched on to science (not the bit about THAT shirt though).  I must do better next time… Oh 😦

A busy week, but I managed to tame the data loggers and get year 12 using them to investigate the relationship between force and acceleration.


Year 13 made a big pendulum and did some other SHM demos.


Ticks off ‘do more practicals’ for this weeks to do list. 🙂

My school direct student has started teaching some of his own classes and that is also going very well.

I also found a picture on twitter that I really like (and can’t remember who’s account I stole it off, sorry!)


I got some after school training on revision techniques too. And there was a super new announcement about my schools sixth form. Exciting times ahead!

Next week will involve a lot of marking, yr13 parents evening and my first parents evening on the other side of the table. Well, if I can just rearrange my appointment so it doesn’t clash with the parents evening at my own school. D’oh.






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