A happy friday in the physics lab

I had a very happy Friday at work this week. Nothing spectacular, but lots of little things that added up to a great day. Here’s what happened:

Year 11

We have been doing controlled assessment in class for… ev… er… But it was over earlier this week and today we had a proper lesson on Rutherford scattering and the structure of the atom. Ahhh, it was so nice to be teaching them something and to really start getting to know the group properly and find out many of them are really interested and enthusiastic about the topic. This isn’t always evident after weeks of controlled assessment. I only picked the group up in September and have been slightly mourning the loss of my amazing year 10s from last year (timetable ishoos).

We somehow got onto talking about wave-particle duality and electrons filling the shells in standing wave patterns. And we talked about quarks too. All due to different student questions about the results of the Rutherford scattering experiment. I’m really looking forward to teaching them up to their exams in just six months.

Year 12

They had all been given a line from the specification, about non-linear motion, to research and become experts on for today’s lesson. Today, they did a speed dating activity to teach each other their bit of the spec.   It wasn’t perfect, I gave them too long at first, some hadn’t delved very deeply into their assigned statement, but it made a nice change from a typical lesson. They finished off the lesson by making notes on the topic from what they had found out, learned from each other and could get from the text book. Then an exam question to try out their new knowledge.

Break time

A personal success – I ignored the mountains of cake brought in for Cake Friday this week. Amazing achievement! Also, had some excellent news about my threshold application. *beams*

year 10

Mid unit test day. I like to give my classes a factual recall test based on the specification statements. I find it gives them confidence that they actually know something or helps motivate them if they don’t do so well!  It’s a bit old school isn’t it? But I really find it works. 🙂

The rest of the day

Yes,  that’s right, I have two frees on Friday (my first since last week, I might add!). Awesome.

I hope all future days are even better than my happy Friday this week 🙂








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