SHM, damping and trolleys.

I missed posting a blog last week. Oh no! I’ll have to catch up with an extra one at some point to make my one a week challenge. I put my failure last week down to dealing with an ill two year old with ineffective temperature control mechanisms. Distracting! 😉

I have been teaching SHM to year 13 for the last few weeks  this means plenty of opportunities to use springs:


(No way is that a cup of tea in my lab!)

There’s been giant pendulums:


And investigations into damping:


Labs that I run currently always end up with a home made looking element to them. I did get a motion sensor out too:


There’s exciting stuff coming up this week with a lesson on resonance (an observed lesson. *nerves*) and I’ve already set up a rough version of Barton’s pendulum. It worked really well!


Woo! Look at that little pendulum go! I have a little video I will try and figure out how to upload.

Other than that, I’m playing the All Wrapped Up For Xmas game with my other classes. It’s where I work out how to squash things up where I can to finish our current units by Xmas. Test and all. Much better for me than having to leave the end bits to January. Not sure all my students would entirely agree.

Merry xmas!

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