To xmas, or not.

We have made it to the last week of term. Yes!


So so the question this week is: to Xmas lesson, or not? Spoiler alert: no, not generally, but forgive me for showing Mythbusters or Attenborough a few times to a couple of classes.

It it seems to be a very personal decision this one. A closely guarded secret between a teacher and her class. Does anyone dare be the one caught showing an hour of Elf? And why would you even want to?

My exam classes are the least likely to find anything different in class this week. They all have a test last lesson, or a test then going through the test in the final lesson. Lucky them! I’m actually delighted about this because it means we’ve finished the units I wanted to get through by Xmas and we will have it all wrapped up ready for new, exciting stuff in January. They get to relax over the holidays and I get to not worry about them forgetting everything over the break and then underperforming first lesson back 😉 It sounds like merry xmasses all round for everyone! They are, of course, delighted  especially yr11 who have a test on the last morning at school. I’ve said they can wear santa hats during the test if it makes them feel better.

What about KS3? We just carry on as normal. I might Xmas up whatever we happen to be learning though. Pressure becomes ‘What shoes should Santa wear so he doesn’t fall through a roof while delivering pressies?’ And so on. I’ve learnt over time that the classes I most likely want a break from (forgive me, I am just a teacher) are the hardest work to have sat in front of a screen. I have had more success with the one off teamwork based, competitive special lesson (Think bridge building, paper plane making – fun with science!). Though science have been asked to not do ‘best structure, tallest building’ type lessons as we are, hilariously, ruining it for maths on one of their flexible learning day activities.

The showing films in class controversy. I don’t (usually) for a few reasons. Mainly, because I prefer to have them doing something productive. I think watching a film can be a massive waste of time. I’m not infallible though. Last year, I ended up with a double lesson, a hard working group and being kicked out of the science department due to dodgy roof tiles… actually it might not even have been near the end of term… well, we watched an 80s film about a kid getting hold of some plutonium and making a reactor for a science fair project. It even linked in with our current unit! It was totally justifiable. Hmmm. We didn’t even have text or exercise books!

I’ve also had classes that just wore me out. I’ve had last day lessons where I’ve put on Mythbusters, Bang Goes the Theory or an Attenborough documentary. This probably indicates some failing on my part, but since I know great, experienced teachers that will be showing Elf or similar, I’ve decided to not give myself too hard a time over it.

Merry Newtonmas!


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