#Nurture1415 – a year reviewed and a new one to look forward to.

I didn’t officially do a #nurture1314 blog post, but I did set myself some resolutions a year ago and recorded them on a different blog (one that was mainly about cooking and craft and to keep me sane on maternity leave).  I’m going to review the relevant resolutions here, then look forward to what I want to get out of the next year.

Here’s my resolutions from last year with a quick review of how they went. Skip the next bit if you just want my hopes for next year  🙂

1) Remain positive at ALL times. It just makes life so much better.  Did quite well with this, especially in the staffroom! 

2) Read for fun. I usually set myself a challenge via GoodReads to read 20 books a year and have come close the last few years but I already know I’ll have less time this year with no big chunk of maternity leave planned! Being sat up half the night feeding a baby was prime reading for pleasure time and that sure as hell better not be happening this year! Also, my bookclub seems to have fizzled out, which I’m sad about but I’ve hopefully found a new one and that should help motivate my reading. I’m going to set a realistic target of 10 books. New book club didn’t work out  😦 I’ve read a pitiful  5 books this year. One was The Bell Jar though and I’ve wanted to get round to reading that for a long time. 

3) Exercise more. Enjoy running again. Shuffle along… nothing to see here. This one’s compulsary and writing it down will make it happen. That’s how this works isn’t it? Apparently not. *sigh*

4) Blog more. I enjoy looking back at some of the healthy meals I blogged about last year. So more work and homelife writing. Yes! Success! Have almost kept to my once a week blogging aim too.

5) Make one positive parent phonecall home every work day. An extension of 1. That’s do able isn’t it? This is something I want to do and really need to make time for. I just need to schedule it in. Massive fail. I have started giving out certificates in class and putting pupils pictures up on an excellence wall with them holding their certificates. So more positive rewards are happening. 

6) Mark regularly to keep on top of it. I love seeing how my students are getting on and I value marking their books. But there’s just so much of it! Maybe I need a timetable to follow… I’ve been much better at this since September. 

That will do for now. I’m sure I’ll think of more but 6 is a good place to stop. Let’s have a fabulous year!

Now, for next year…

1) Continue to grow and develop as a teacher. Last year I started setting myself small personal challenges to improve my teaching. It’s been a great success. Through this, I’ve attended an education conference (Northern Rocks! It was inspirational and I’m going again next year). I’ve tried (and loved) some solo taxonomy inspired extended writing in class (tackling those 6 mark exam questions). I’ve increased my repertoire of practicals to support my teaching. And some other stuff I’m quite proud of. All of this has helped me grow in confidence and I’m currently feeling quite good at my job. And it feels great. 🙂

2) A new challenge… ? This is a tricky one. It’s not something that will necessarily happen this year, but I’m looking for an exciting opportunity. Call it a promotion, or extra responsibility or whatever you want. Now that I’m happily confident with teaching, I want another challenge. I feel ready for it. I’ll have to just see what opportunities come up.  I interviewed for the Head of Physics job at my current school 18 months ago and didn’t get it. I was off on maternity leave at the time and it really was just the opportunity I wanted but a year too early.  Watch this space…

3) Work full time. I applied to go back full time from last September and my school couldn’t accommodate it. I hope to get this by September this year. I feel entirely ready to work full time after several years of being part time.

4) Become better at helping the C/D target pupils. I’ve had great success with the high target pupils. Especially at A level. Last year I had a great class of 7 year 13s. From this class I got an A*, 2 As, a B, one student with the highest result (or one of the highest) who received a nice cash prize for it, and 2 went to study physics at university. I’m not too sure about the details of the top A level result prize as no one at school thought I should/would like to know about it. Bonkers. Only found out by looking at some advertising for the sixth form! Anyway, this left 3 students who came out with lower grades, and some disappointment. I’d like to get better at helping these students. Any hints or tips, throw them my way.  I have a year 12 class this year of 11 students, most with C or D targets and I need to learn quickly how best to support them.

5) The work/life balance target. I love my job, but I also love my family. There’s the (so common) problem. Making the most of the time I’m in school is the starting point, to minimise work needing to be done at home.

6) All the rest of the things I want to do to be a better person. Eat healthily, exercise more, stay positive, don’t stay up too late, be a good friend, read more etc

thanks for reading! Happy 2014!

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7 Responses to #Nurture1415 – a year reviewed and a new one to look forward to.

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  3. jillberry102 says:

    Enjoyed reading this – and hope 2015 is an excellent year for you, at home and at work.

    I thought The Bell Jar was amazing, too. Have you read any of Plath’s poetry? Have a look at Morning Song, if not?


  4. paul martin says:

    Just a thought … if your school did not promote you and don’t want to take you FT maybe you should test the waters elsewhere on your day off (at least it could be regarded as a negotiating tactic). You could: check out if local FE/.. want part-time help, try tutoring, or get the school to help you with a businessey CPD opportunity (my wife did a job shadowing at several local companies eg BP)


  5. audsley says:

    Hi thanks. I thought about supply on my days off, but my little one needs nursery so the risk of still having to pay nursery fees and not getting work was too much. 🙂


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