HNY! Now where’s that exam timetable…

One of the things the new year means to me is time to figure out exactly how long my exam classes have until their exams. I like getting organised at this time of year and knowing exactly when all my key exam dates are. I’m sure other people have this all sorted out at the beginning of the academic year. 🙂

I’ve printed out my weekly plan templates up to summer. I’ve added the exam dates. I’ve crossed out any lessons I miss due to our Life lessons that appear each week, on a rolling timetable, to replace the usual lesson. And now I feel ready to map out the remaining units to teach and build in some revision time – especially for year 11 when we need to revisit yr 10 work.

It’s useful because  now I know I miss 5 year 11 lessons to Life. It still leaves 36 lessons to teach P7 and revise. I’m feeling very happy about that and glad we squeezed in p6 before xmas.

What else does the new year bring? Well, I’ve had a lovely break from work over the holidays so I feel refreshed and enthusiastic 😉 I had a good week and a half off all things work, then finished the holidays with controlled assessment marking. Feels good to have finished it!

Im also looking forward to teaching my KS3 classes for the first time since October. They had a student teacher last half term. And I get two frees back that I had dedicated to mentor meetings with my student teacher last term.

Here’s hoping for a happy and successful year ahead 😀


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