A few weeks in my classroom.

Wow! Busy time of year. Have missed posting for several weeks now. I’ve been busy with lots of different things. I’ll summarise some of them here:


Year 11 are getting ready for their mock exam next week. During their two weeks of mocks I didn’t want to carry on with content as some pupils are missing from each lesson. We have had a lesson where they could work through a past paper. This was very productive for the pupils who are self motivated, but seemed to put off the ones who aren’t confident in their ability to start with.

Now I have 2 more lesson this week and I’ve turned to my copy of The Teacher’s Toolkit – Paul Ginnis, for ideas on how to structure some productive revision sessions.  Planning a lesson with stations for them to visit, with different activities at each one including going through their own end of unit test on the topic with a marksheme, answering some 6 mark questions and putting a description of how a motor works into bullet points.

Writing across the curriculum

Delivered my follow up session on extended writing across the curriculum to my lovely small group of teachers who had chosen this topic for their extra, personalised training across the year.  It was an after school session so I made sure I got nice biscuits and a brew for everyone 😉

Reading in science. 

I’ve volunteered to do something with this. I have lots of ideas, but I’m waiting for further instructions from the person coordinating this across the whole school. As I miss the weekly Tuesday training sessions (one of my days off), I’ve missed the initial session on it.

Jobs and hours

My school direct student from last term has got himself a job for September. Yey! Delighted for him. Also, very happy because his feedback was that he had been well trained and prepared from his first placement. Really pleased because he was the first student I’ve mentored. Hope to get another next year, but haven’t heard if we are trying to recruit another physics student yet.

Ive been successful in getting full time hours from September. Very happy about this! Have loved part time for helping me spend time with my children while they are very little, but have hated the feeling of missing out on things at work. Very pronounced this year as I miss all the training, meetings and data analysis/intervention sessions.

My department is recruiting! A lead teacher will hopefully be joining us from Easter and there’s a full time physics or chemistry position from September being advertised. Deadline monday! Exciting to get some new teachers to work with.

Sixth form

My after school ‘brew and review’ sessions with year 12 are going well. Thankyou Twitter for the name. I think it’s really helping the regular attendees with understanding concepts, getting their homework done and trying more part exam questions. Had parents evening last week and tried to encourage more of them to come along.

Year 13 are getting on well. Some disappointment from their mock exam but hoping they know why they didn’t do so well. Two of the six have applied to do physics at university. Hooray!

Phew, think that’s most of it. Looking forward to half term so I can catch up with myself!

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