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Why I love teaching… year 7

They are so very enthusiastic. They’re little, and tell tales on each other and ask if they should go onto a new page when they are at the bottom of one. But they carry out every task with unparalleled enthusiasm. … Continue reading

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The ASE North Conference 2015

My first ASE conference! And only my second education conference in 7 years of teaching (Northern Rocks last June my first). I loved it. Met many lovely people, heard some interesting and informative talks and have come away with lots … Continue reading

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Standing waves

Content, content, content, when will we fit in the assessed practicals, content, content, how close are the exams? content, is how most of my classes are going at the moment. I’ve been teaching year 12 about standing waves. We’ve looked … Continue reading

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Cepheid variables and Great Student Questions

Miss, why do they pulsate? *thinks* I know I knew this once, but I need some time to refresh my memory. I’ll answer this question next lesson. I love a good student question. Firstly, it shows they are listening (ha! … Continue reading

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Every day is World Book Day

In my house anyway. It was world book day this week. I love the idea of a day to go all out and celebrate books, but also like the idea that books should feature as a normal part of every … Continue reading

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