Every day is World Book Day

In my house anyway. It was world book day this week. I love the idea of a day to go all out and celebrate books, but also like the idea that books should feature as a normal part of every day. They certainly do in my house and books are one of the few things I buy my children often throughout the year at any time, not just for birthdays and other special occasions 🙂

My son is in reception and so experienced his first world book day this year. I was disappointed that the school decided to steer away from the book link for their fancy dress and chose to have the children dress up as superheroes. Then they opened it up to super heroes plus scientists or engineers or great leaders in history ‘because they are all super heroes too’. Ok.  Well, my four year old loves superheroes so was very happy and chose Wolverine. I made him a costume to the best of my ability and also bought him a book with Wolverine in to take to school. Such a rebel. I couldn’t get a book aimed at kids, so the content is probably quite inappropriate. It’s ok though because he can’t read more than a word or too yet 😀


Four year olds have quite low costume standards, so all was ok. Just needed some hair styling and side burns drawn on with eye liner (not make up, he was clear on this. It was ‘face paint’. God knows where he got this idea from 😦 ). He had a fun day and is delighted with his new book.

At my own school there were some activities for the day linked to the library. We were asked to read out a passage from a fiction book related to our subject to our classes. It’s not a day I work, or I might have read out my Bell Jar quote.

lisa simpson bell jar

I have a poster in my room where I write on what I’m currently reading as a way to promote reading and literature to my students. It’s quite good as a motivator for me to read more so it doesn’t stay the same for too long. I want to try and encourage the sixth formers to read some popular science books, and maybe gcse students, but I’ve not quite figured out how to do this. I’ve considered setting them a book review homework over summer.

Books have been important in my personal life this week. I had book club on Friday, so spent the week trying to finish off the book whenever I got chance. With having parents evening and costume making duty this was quite a challenge. I finished at 7.15, a whole hour before the Friday night meeting.


I really enjoyed it. It presented life in Iran, in the 1980s and 1990s, especially for women, in an unsentimental way. It tied it in to a clear love of literature from the author and some classics that had parallel themes to the events in Iran. It is a tragic story and the book made me want to study English literature.

Its my turn to choose the next book. Here’s my short list.

I’ve deliberately steered clear from any that are similar to the last book. No one has read any of these and now I can’t decide which one to choose. Any thoughts?

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