Why I love teaching… year 7

They are so very enthusiastic. They’re little, and tell tales on each other and ask if they should go onto a new page when they are at the bottom of one. But they carry out every task with unparalleled enthusiasm.

You get to teach them the reproduction topic. Perhaps the most fun, and important topic some of them will ever study. You can have some fun with it (name the different boy and girl bits and let’s try and identify the correct science words from the multitude of others you know). You get serious with it (you will all understand the biology behind having a baby after finishing this unit). And they usually behave impeccably during it because they want to know. Some faint or throw up (oh dear 😦 ) and find it terribly shocking. The workings of their own bodies, and the anticipation of the next few years is a bit much, but they need to be prepared for it and you might be the only source of sensible, factual preparation they are likely to get.

Year 7s put me in a teaching zone that lets me show my daft side.  You can try out new ideas and they will go along with your crazy activities without making too many grumbling noises.

But be warned, don’t set the model solar system homework unless you’ve thought through having space to display 60 amazing, massive models!

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