“The important thing is to never stop questioning!”

…I shout to my students as they disappear into the big wide world. I’ve done all I can for them now. The rest it up to them.

Ok, so it’s a bit less dramatic in real life. I may have just taught year 11 their last lesson on Friday (pending the possibility of a leavers assembly next Friday afternoon that is currently just rumoured). I hope I do get to teach them one more time as I already planned to bring cake and inspire them with a quote or two (bit of Einstein, maybe a “run, Forrest, run”. I worry the subtly of that will be lost on them). I at least wanted the chance to go over generators and motors again. Ahh well.

I did remember to tell them “you are all intelligent and capable and can do very well if you put some hard work in”. I quite like that as a last sentence as I sent them off for the final time.

Its always a sad and exciting time of year. Classes I’ve spent a lot of time with this year are going off, mostly to never be seen again. Year 11 have started their mammoth exam season (20+ exams – the result of the end of a modular courses with no change to the exam structure). This includes three physics exams to be taken starting on Wednesday. I might see some of them in year 12 in September, but I’m not sure if any of them are staying on to study physics A level with us. I will try and go in for results day so I can find out, with them, how they got on.

Year 13 have their last week with us this week too. I have 2 double lessons with them before they leave on friday. They will get a mock exam, then going through it and of course, some sort of physics cake for our last lesson. I hope my low attenders turn up for this last lesson. Two of the six are planning to study physics at university in September. We don’t get huge numbers at A level but I’m really happy with the results we get with them.

Year 12 are already on study leave. They will be back with us just a few weeks after the half term. The plan for them after their exams is to work on practical skills. I’ve been raiding the thoughts of the PTNC physics teachers network to see how I might structure this in a useful and meaningful way. Several project ideas have been suggested including starting an EPQ in physics, doing an investigation into an A2 topic and having to prepare something to present to KS3 classes. Not decided what to do just yet. I’ll have to discuss it with the department and come up with a plan.

Year 10 have finished their in class time for controlled assessment. We have started the next topic and it’s nice to not be doing exam conditions write up lessons!  My year 8s have been studying rocks and the rock cycle. I’m planning to do a practical lesson using the chocolate rock cycle this week. Watch this space to see how it goes! The Earth in space for year 7.

A busy, important week to look forward to before a nice half term rest!


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