Diverse physicist list – the posters

For the last week before summer, I gave year 12 the task of researching a physicist from a list I provided and making an informative poster with the information they found. They’ve worked really hard after the exams (most of them!) looking at power laws and practicals. I wanted to give them a completely different sort of task – one that was interesting, enjoyable and gave them a different, personal perspective on an aspect of physics. The details of the list I made are here. I put thought into making a list that was both diverse and interesting.

The initial research work was set as a cover lesson. I set the list out on a tear off sheet stuck on the classroom door. This was to try and ensure they all picked a different person and should still work if they arrived at slightly different times. As long as they all took their name with them, and they did! well done 🙂

Year 12 cover

I cut the tabs at the bottom so they were easy to tear off. Please don’t everyone congratulate me on the depth and care of my cover work. This is not a typical example! 😀

They then had another lesson and a half to finish their work before everyone presented their posters to the rest of the group. I sold the poster to them as being similar to academic posters that get presented at conferences. Okay, we might not be presenting at quite that level of detail, but I thought bringing in the idea that a poster can be more than a pretty thing for a wall and something serious academics do might bring some gravitas to the endeavour. Of course I then ruined all that by bringing in some craft things from from home so they could add some sparkle and colour to their work.  And clearly, I’m going to use the posters to decorate my classroom.

So how did they do? Some were fantastic, some were good, some a little bit poor, some didn’t materialise at all. Have a look (presented with no comment on my individual students work):










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