Science playlists

As part of my routine at the start of lessons, I play music as pupils come into the classroom, get settled and start to answer the revision questions on the board. Of course, the music needs to be somehow linked to the lesson. This is just a fact. there is no other way 🙂 And I don’t mean cheesey science versions of songs (though there’s nothing wrong with these at other places in the lesson). I mean like getting to play the awesomeness that it Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire when about to do a lesson on plate tectonics.

I’m building up my playlists as I go along, so you can tell what I’ve been teaching in the first half term (space, electricity and forces a lot) . I’m sharing them in case anyone else has searched and failed to find a science playlist they need. 😀 (just me?)

One word of obvious caution. Make sure you know what you’re playing. If you are teaching Compton scattering, you may delight at finding a song with Compton in the title. You will quickly discover Straight Outta Compton should probably not be played by you in a class. Or maybe that is your teaching style. In that case, enjoy.  Similarly Add It Up – Violent Femmes might be a fun link to vector addition. But it’s a bit rude, so think carefully before playing it. Also, my acceptable threshold may be different to yours 🙂

My only real complaint so far is that Elvis didn’t do enough songs I can link to my lessons.

Not sure if I know what I’m doing now, but hopefully here are some links to my spotify playlists. My username is audsley.

Please feel free to share them, ignore them or follow them as they will be updated and more will be added. 🙂

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2 Responses to Science playlists

  1. Pete says:

    Nice idea and thanks for sharing. Good to see you including The Fall – you could also add – High Tension Line.


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