Nurture1516: a year reviewed

It’s that time of year where teachers across the country are reflecting on the last year and getting ready for the next one – nurture1516. A funny time in teaching as it’s nearly half way through the academic year. Still, the xmas holidays seem provide that great mental break from work that the other mid-year holidays seem to lack. I certainly feel refreshed after a long autumn term. Ready to refresh some things and address some others.

I’ll start with a quick look at last years targets and how I got on with them:

1) Continue to grow and develop as a teacher. Almost feels a bit lame having this as a target. It’s what I try and do as a normal part of my job. So an easy yes.

2) A new challenge… ? I now have a little TLR to do with pupil premium in my department. I have trained to be a tutor for science CPD in my local area. I’ve let cameras film me for a day. Overall, success!

3) Work full time. Done. 🙂

4) Become better at helping the C/D target pupils. I’m ongoing with this one. I learnt a lot from having a class of A level students with lower targets than I have taught before. Their AS results were very disappointing. As an aside, I feel nervous even talking about students in these terms. I want to reassure readers that I still have high expectations for pupils with lower targets. I want them to all get As, but to pretend that I need to approach teaching in the same way as my classes with A/A* targets is to be deluded. I’ve a lot more work to do in this area. I’ll detail in a  new target….

5) The work/life balance target. Getting better. I have a few hours with family after work every evening. Nursery and after school club pick up a few days a week. Making everyone’s evening meal then sitting with my youngest while she goes to sleep every evening. This currently takes me up to 8 or 9pm (Seriously hoping this resolves itself soon. Small children are exhausting). Weekends, I keep as much of it free as possible in the day. I envy people in jobs where it’s usual to have evenings and weekends free from work. I can see I need to get nearer to this to survive long term in this job. But with teaching more classes than ever and therefore having less time during the day to do my job,  it’s not going to happen any time soon. Depressing. I am getting much better at setting aside time to work and what’s not done then, isn’t going to get done. Small steps.

6) All the rest of the things I want to do to be a better person. Well I read more than I thought I would. Managed 19 books. Managed to stay positive most of the time at work, but if I’m honest, it’s been increasingly difficult to maintain last term.

New targets for 2016:

1) Maintain a positive attitude. I’ve struggled recently with this. I’m not going to go into detail. It’s enough to know that my sunny disposition has struggled to shine through!

2) Back to basics with behaviour management.  I’ve been a part time physics teacher for the last few years, in a department with one other physics teacher. Consequently, I’ve had what you might describe as a fairly easy timetable. Lots of A level and physics GCSE classes. As a full time teacher since September, I’ve now got a much more varied timetable. It’s a good challenge and it’s doing a great job of highlighting some weaknesses in my teaching. One of these is my slightly rusty behaviour management skills (I mean, it’s not that bad! but could be, and will be, better).

3) Supporting pupils with lower targets through GCSE. I mentioned this earlier. I’ll be continuing to develop and improve ways to support pupils through GCSE Science. Linear assessment is a big challenge. Previously, these classes were taking BTEC. It’s a big focus this year to get this right.

I’m leaving it there this year. I have a heap of personal targets that I’m sure you all don’t want to read the details of.

Happy 2016! and thanks for reading. 🙂

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