common whiteboard mistakes to avoid

Following a hilarious staffroom conversation about our biggest whiteboard errors in front of a class, I thought I’d write my list of biggest whiteboard mistakes a new physics teacher should avoid:

  1. Think carefully before you draw a rocket. Especially if you are adding two fins to the bottom.
  2. Similar care must be taken with trying to show the difference between orbits of a comet and an asteroid. Consider the angle of the highly elliptical orbit.
  3. Seriously, about 50% of the things you draw will just look like a penis.
  4. Write analogue quickly.
  5. and don’t abbreviate it.
  6. Think about what an oxygen molecule might look like if you draw the atoms as circles and add an O label to the centre.
  7. Most diagrams can just be a rectangle with a stick person. Maybe add a label.
  8. A skydiving stick person is actually quite difficult to draw.
  9. If you manage an elaborate, non penis shaped drawing, don’t expect high praise from your class. Students are harsh critics.

I’m sure there’s many more…

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1 Response to common whiteboard mistakes to avoid

  1. lucyannluna says:

    I’m ok at drawing, but the rest of the department are not. Another interesting fact is how each teacher will draw something slightly differently, you will not realise this until you have a student teacher( who’s an ex pupil) . So how do you draw a solenoid? 3 physics teachers 3 different drawings ( 2 the same age with similar diagrams , but from different parts of the world, 1 older) it’s an interesting debate, we decided it doesn’t really matter as long as it can be identified as what it is , unless there’s some exam board convention.

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