On Monday I made the trip to York to go to the science teach meet hosted by the University of York Science Education Group (UYSEG). It’s been an annual event since 2012. This year is the first year I’ve been able to go!

I dropped my son off at holiday club and set off for a few hours drive over the Pennines. I managed to arrive with 10 mins to spare before the talks started. A few unhappy minutes trying to get the car park pay line robot to understand me (‘F’ not ‘S’!) and I made it! (Top tip: have £6 in coins for the car park machine).

The day was very relaxed and friendly. 10 minute talks followed by a short discussion. Lunch somewhere in the middle and everyone had brought a contribution. So much food! Lots of people I knew from twitter already (mostly I hadn’t met in person before though) and lots of interesting and useful ideas.

If you look at #YorkTU on twitter you will be able to see the content of the talks and get some idea of what was happening on the day. The main ideas I am taking away are to try filming some instructions to practicals to use in class (thanks @hrogerson).  I also had a very useful discussion with @MrsDrSarah  about setting up a journal club. I’m aiming to do this at my new place of work (start tomorrow! eek!)

Thanks everyone for a great day! Maybe I’ll talk next year 😉



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2 Responses to #YorkTU

  1. Helen Rogerson says:

    Good luck with the filming and the journal club. Journal club is on my list to try and sort out again this year.


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