Nurture 16/17

Where to begin, what a year! Huge, positive changes is the general theme.

15/16 review

  • I set some simple targets last year. I’m not sure how well it comes across but last year I was utterly miserable in my job. I was working hard, doing my best and ended  up feeling like I was a crap teacher. Being told that what I was doing wasn’t enough. Lots of students not achieving their (ridiculously high) targets, who were actually doing fantastically. Lots of small things that chipped away at my confidence and enjoyment of the job. Last year I saw four different science teachers crying in the staff room over work stuff. I worked most evenings and some of the weekend. I was tired and needed to make some big changes.
  • I made the move to a sixth form college and if I hadn’t got the job I think I would have tried supply or something completely different. I got the 4th job I applied for, it wasn’t that I just decided to move and it happened straight away. 🙂 The process of being interviewed and receiving feedback was really positive, even when I didn’t get the job. People seemed to like what I was doing!
  • Results day, I was proud of my small AS class (7 students, 3 As) and my GCSE Physics group (9A*s, 7As, 11Bs, 3Cs). And mostly delighted that a group of girls in that class, who were so negative about their physics ability for the whole two years, got Bs and were delighted on results day.
  • Moving workplaces is the best thing I could have done. I am in an extremely well organised and resourced department. In a very different, male dominated work place (gonna need a  whole different post for this!). The college SLT are friendly and supportive and POSITIVE and seem to trust us. :-O My students are keen and capable. I am only teaching A level physics. I love the sixth form environment (I always suspected I would). The work environment is relaxed, but serious about getting the best out of our students. The workload is MANAGEABLE and I am now hardly taking work home at all. It has revolutionised family life and my own mental well being. Please imagine my face with a beaming smile on it as you read that last paragraph.

Looking forward

  • Continue to enjoy my new job.
  • Take advantage of the free time I now have to pick up some hobbies I haven’t had time for over the last few years.
  • Read more. I’m joining in with #52books2017 I’ve been reading around 20 books a year for the last few years, so this will be a big step up. I don’t normally count my kids bedtime books though – so might have to start including them!
  • Be more body positive, while also improving my heath, fitness and diet. Here’s a great article on body positivity and why we should stop hating ourselves!

Here’s to a relaxed, positive 2017



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